Nothing knitterly

I have nothing to share in terms of knitting. And knitting really is what I talk about most (not just here on the blog, but in real life too, ask anyone I know)

I’m knitting several things I’m not sharing yet and that’s about it. I’m about halfway through the layout for Boyden, but that’s all dull and computery work. I’m hoping to knit several things for an Almost-Knitty knit along but they’re not started yet. What Almost-Knitty knit along? Well if you’re on Ravelry there’s an Almost Knitty group where we share our patterns that got rejected from knitty. It’s a nice friendly group full of camaraderie and good patterns. We’re having a spring/summer knit along and I’m hoping to knit another HRBP scarf as well as a baby thing for a co-worker who’s adopting.

So anyway, I’m going to cut myself a break and spend the week guiltlessly blogging about other things. The weather is continuing to give us an unseasonably early spring and I’ve decided to just enjoy it. I know this weather is wrong, but I might as well soak it up now, because it might be 105F in July. Or it could be like last summer and just rain all season until we feel like we’re growing moss.

So yay for spring!

more crocuses

Tonight I’m buying peas and lettuce mix on the way home. I’m going to start my garden today.


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