water without price

Over the weekend Neil and I took a drive out towards Craftsbury, a picturesque little town in The Kingdom. Neil’s taking photography this semester and wanted to take some pictures out there. I tagged along for the company, a ride in the sunshine, and to take some pictures of my own.

We stopped at this spring.


There are many springs in Vermont that are set up more or less in this way. They’re right on the side of the road with a tap or a faucet or a spout. Many people stop to fill up water bottles, jugs to take home, or just if they’re thirsty.

Some are formalized, like this one and the cold spring in Johnson. Others are barely more than water trickling over a ledge. But they all show some indication that a human has cultivated the spring for easy access, and then left it for others to use. It’s an easy enough gesture to make in a state where water literally bubbles out of the ground, but thought provoking none the less.


This one has a constant trickle, probably so the pipe won’t freeze in winter. So I tried to take some water droplet photos.


Turns out those droplets are quick little buggers…


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