Neil and I have been taking advantage of the summery weather* with summery dinners! We’ve grilled twice in the last four days. But on monday we discovered we were completely out of BBQ sauce. Rather than run to the store I figured there had to be a way to whip up an acceptable substitute at home.


So I mixed some spicy tomato jam and some chutney. After a dash of spicy sauce from the fridge I had a BBQ sauce which Neil proclaimed better than anything from the store.


So here’s another good way to use things you preserved last summer. If you think about it meat glazes, sauces, marinades often have quite a bit of sweetness to them. Why not make your own with a little jam or jelly? Most BBQ sauces are tomato based, if you’ve never made tomato jam you could always try this with pasta sauce, or home made ketchup.


And note the beer. Neil likes to say it’s not really grilling unless you have a beer, so this BBQ sauce was paired with a tasty nut brown homebrew.

*especially since the weather guys say we’ll be back to the 50’s for tomorrow’s temps.


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