Sugaring weekend

Neil and I love to tour the sugar houses in our area during vermont’s annual maple sugar open house weekend.

maple sugar weekend

This was a pretty sad year for it though. Due to the crazy warmth we had a LOT of the maple trees are already starting to put out buds. This makes the sap taste funny and forced the season to end early. The sugar makers we talked to in the valley were all finished boiling and already starting to pull the taps out of the trees. One guy told us his harvest was HALF what he got last year.

And a lot of folks said they were only maintaining last year’s syrup prices through the end of this weekend. We picked up a gallon of Grade A dark from my favorite local sugar house for $40, but I’m hearing rumors of prices up towards $60 a gallon depending on how much Quebec’s harvest is affected… It’s a sad story for people like us who like to use 3 or more gallons a year!

The weather didn’t help either, it was cold and drizzly last weekend, which doesn’t really make anyone want to go stand around outside. The folks at one place said they had 5 visitors this year, down quite a bit from the 200 last year! It probably doesn’t help that the road from our place to his looked like this:

muddy road

That trench is deeper than the axle on our subaru…


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