Coming along

My Boyden cardi is coming right along*. Last weekend Neil and I headed down to Boyden Valley Winery for a photo shoot. Since the cables on this sweater were inspired by twisting, intertwined grape vines it seemed like a winery was the perfect spot for a photo shoot.

boyden windy

And it was! Also, once we finished up with the picture taking we headed inside for a wine tasting and food pairing, which was a nice perk to a well chosen photo shoot location.

I’ve been plugging along on my pattern layout. I do a first draft where I just plug everything I have into my template. If I have notes on the printed pattern they get transferred in (because I print my patterns to knit from and take notes as I go.) Let’s say there’s some wording I need to clarify, or math I need to double check, or a graph to fix, etc… I end up with a lot of little notes to self like this one:

note to self

For the second draft I go back and tackle similar things in groups. If I need to check my math in three different places it makes sense to do those all at once. Then I go through and double check all my cables. I might try to clear up the wording, but I also make notes for when I really just need to get my tech editor’s opinion on something.

Neil’s been studying for mid terms all week, which means I’ve had lots of time in the evenings to work on my pattern. Yesterday I decided it was as good as I could hope and sent it off to my tech editor!

But in the mean time I have photos, I have a schematic, and I decided to try something new**. I’ve setup the pattern page on ravelry, and I’m taking pre-orders (for lack of a better term) for this pattern. You can buy the pattern right now and what you’ll get is a preview PDF. It includes yarn and needle requirements, gauge, and a schematic. The preview PDF is everything you need to go yarn shopping*** (or stash diving) swatch, pick your size, and get ready for the pattern release. I hope to have the pattern finished and ready for you all by the middle of April. Between now and then the pattern is 25% off, when the final PDF is uploaded the price will go up to $7.50

boyden horzontal

*If you want to see past entries on the boyden cardi design process check out everything with the designinprogress tag.
**since this whole “designing in public” thing is pretty new and different anyway.
***I highly recommend the Edna yarn I used for this pattern. The skeins can be ordered right from Dirty Water Dyeworks, and at 380 yards to the skein they’re an amazing deal!

6 responses to “Coming along

  1. It looks really awesome! Can’t wait to see the pattern in real form.

  2. I’m thrilled to nominate your excellent blog for an award: The Liebster Blog Award, you can find all the details here

  3. Looks great! Love the asymmetry. I had the pleasure of using Dirty Water Dyeworks Julia for a hat earlier this year. Wonderful yarn!

    • Her colors are so rich and saturated! I think her colors cashmere yarn would work pretty well for this sweater also. But it has a bit less stitch definition.

  4. Becky! Boyden is on the ‘most viewed’ page on Ravelry right now! Nice work! I really like it! I’m also using Dirty Water dyeworks on a ‘whispy cardi’ right now–picked up at the sheep and wool festival last fall. Keep up the good work!

    • Ohhh! I’ll have to go see for myself! Thanks for the note. I got the yarn for this sweater at the sheep and wool festival too! Her booth was so full of wonderful yarns!

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