another kind of sock quilt

When last we saw my old handknit socks I was busy cutting them into little squares. What can one make out of little squares of worn out fabric? Why not a crazy quilt!

I tried my best to salvage any fabric that wasn’t worn through: cuffs, tops of feet, bottoms of feet in the case of the sock with the missing mate.

Then I ironed them all flat:


I don’t block my socks after every washing, so this was the first time in a LONG time these stitch patterns were smoothed out! They seemed to like it. Then I re-clipped the squares so they were nice and even. My goal was for straight edges, in some cases where the fabric has a bias to it this means I’m not cutting between stitches or rows. A professional seamstress might worry about the effect this will have on the fabric. But for a crazy quilt of knitted goodness I don’t think it’ll matter. Then I laid each square onto some scrap jersey fabric* and cut out a backing.


I wanted to back all these squares for two reasons. The most obvious is to keep the edges from unraveling. But I also hope the backing will even out the textures. Some of these socks are heavily felted stranded colorwork, other socks are practically worn through dainty lace: the variations were a bit extreme.

ready to sew

Then I was ready to sew them together


With wrong sides together I seamed along three edges of each square. Next I clipped the corners:

clip corners

And turned the square right sides out. Next I sewed the open edge closed, then stitched all the way around the outside edge again to create a nice flat edge on all 4 sides:


They’re going to need to be ironed again before I sew them all together. I have a plan for that too, but haven’t gotten there yet.

I have an unrelated aside:

hot right now 03292012

Yesterday I told you my Boyden cardi was available for pre-order. I didn’t want to make a big fuss, because it’s not fully finished yet. I posted about it here, but no where else. Not on facebook, not on twitter, not even on any ravelry forums. But you (and the people who stumbled across it on Ravelry anyway) have pushed it into the top 5 patterns on Ravelry. Thanks everyone! I’m glad you all like my new sweater!

*my scrap jersey fabric is from worn out t-shirts. Other than thread, everything here is old and reused!


6 responses to “another kind of sock quilt

  1. That’s such a great idea for socks! I am definitely saving mine, and getting my mother to help me quilt them all up. I’m sure it will be plenty warm, and make a cozy memory piece.

  2. Do you have another sock quilt post?
    Also, is there one that shows how you put these squares together?

    • Sadly this project is still a pile ofunidentifed unattached squares in my craft room.

      I was planning on attaching the one of two ways. Either using a single crochet chain through the knitted edges or with a sewn cross stitch pattern using sharp quilting needle that would go through both layers.

      I’m sure I’ll come back to this project eventually, but I don’t know when.

  3. any update on this project? i’ve been dreaming of doing something similar with all the beautiful handmade knit socks my sister-in-law has given me over the years that now have holes in them, but i’m afraid of it being one of these projects that never ends…

    • Sadly no real progress to report… This project stalled out because I only have enough sock squares for a dolly blanket. And since I haven’t knit a new pair of socks in several years it’s going to be awhile before I have more holey hand knit socks.

      I think if you have enough on hand to make a small quilt, or a pillow, or whatever that it wouldn’t need to drag on forever. Unless you know you’re the type to get distracted easily by other craft projects.

      On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 11:12 AM, Ramblings wrote:


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