Beware babies!

Babies can sneak up on you in unexpected ways!

My coworker recently announced she was due in 4 weeks. This woman cannot possibly weight any more than I do, so let’s say she’s 140lbs … she certainly didn’t look eight and a half months pregnant. Turns out she and her husband are adopting! They’d only just found out they were getting a baby soon and were in that excited and scared phase.

I was wondering where I’d find time to knit a baby gift as I have a pretty tight design schedule right now. I know it’s not expected, but I like to knit something for new babies when I have the time. And since this little girl’s first 9 months sound kinda rocky I thought a hand knit to say “welcome to vermont!” seemed necessary.

shrug sleeve

So I wandered through ravelry looking at baby hats. This was the week of 70-80 degree temps and a hat just didn’t sit well with me. Eventually I found the Whirlygig shrug!

shrug close up

I knew this would be perfect, and so I borrowed the magazine from a friend. The yarn came out of deep stash. I wanted something washable and this is a 100% merino superwash sock yarn. The patten calls for a DK weight so I held the yarn double throughout. The fabric might be a little bit thicker than the original, but it’s not uncomfortably stiff.

whirligig shrug

I made the newborn size, on the needles called for. I didn’t swatch, or measure my gauge when finished. I didn’t even measure the shrug. Babies start out small and then grow, right? So I figure if it doesn’t fit her right away she’ll grow into it. And a frilly short-sleeved shrug will be perfect for summer.

Welcome to Vermont little baby! I hope things go smoothly for you from here on out.


4 responses to “Beware babies!

  1. Becky the shrug is adorable. But…and it’s a big one, if she is 9 months old I’m afraid she has already outgrown the size you made… :-(
    Oh! Wait a minute!! 9 months could refer to gestation that was rocky. In that case no problem for the shrug, and I hope your friends have a wonderful, happy, healthy baby!!
    I really need to think thing through before I open my big laptop! ;-)

  2. dutch margreet

    I am sorry to intrude on you, I was reading at Yarn Harlots comments and read you thought the wooden pipe might be hundreds of years old. Not necessarily. I live in the Netherlands and our house was built in 1926, the overflow of the septic tank and grey water was a wooden square “pipe”. My father, who was born in 1903 told me the ahum human waste in the overflow preserved/conserved the wood sufficiently. We have made sure to change over to direct sewage to the cities system very soon after that discovery. I will not bother you again, but I thought you might like this update and no, even in 1926 a wooden sewagepipe was not modern anymore. I thought it quite nice to read about the wooden pipe you encountered. And your knitting is gorgeous!

    • It’s not an intrusion at all, I’m fascinated to learn that wood pipes were still in use in the 1900’s. It makes me wonder when they were finally phased out…

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