hint of spinning

My drop spindle has been coming out to play recently!

blue gray spinning 3

I’m not much of a spinner, usually I’m only spinning when I have something I want to knit with hand spun. This is different though, I have no idea what it’ll be, or even if I’m going to do two or three plies. I’m letting the wool dictate what happens next.

blue gray spinning1

And right now the wool just wants to be spun. I’m pretty sure I know why I got this spinning project out of the closet. I’ve been knitting so many deadline things (and getting SO CLOSE) on some of them. I’m in that stage where the end is in sight, and so my brain has moved on to the next project. But I can’t start the next project until I do some more math, so I’ve turned to spinning instead.

blue gray spinning2

It’s not going very quickly. I’m doing 5, maybe 10, minutes in the evening. And at that only a few times a week. But it’s a lot more progress than not spinning at all would be!

I wish I could tell you about the fiber… I started this project ages and ages ago and I’ve misplaced the fiber tag. I didn’t think that’d be a problem, I could just check my fiber stash on ravelry – right? Well apparently I’ve stashed two different balls of blue and gray roving. This one looks more like the friesian wool/mohair/alpaca blend from Mountain Fiber Folk. But it doesn’t spin like it has much alpaca in it. I would’ve said it was a pure wool, like the romney/border cross I picked up at NH Sheep and Wool. Either way this is from deep stash, I got the fiber back in 2009 or maybe 2010…


One response to “hint of spinning

  1. I love that you have a way to procrastinate that’s still productive . . .

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