Done and DONE!

My Boyden cardi pattern is finished! You can favorite an queue it on Ravelry, and see it at home on the web here.

boyden horzontal

After the photo shoot and initial layout I released this pattern for pre-order. And I want to send a huge thank you to all the knitters who took me up on that offer! With all your help I was actually able to pay my tech editor with money from the pattern she was actually working on. I always make a point to pay my tech editor before the final release, so usually I have to pay out of pocket for that final review…

boyden preview

Tech editing is an essential process for me. Tech editors do more than just check numbers, they suggest clearer ways to phrase directions and let me ask questions about layout and charts. But those number checks are important as well, no matter how careful I am there’s always a typo or two, not to mention rounding errors (which can be from the excel software, making them harder to catch on my own!)

boyden cable detail

I love everything about this sweater, the yarn, cables, buttons… I hope you love it as much as I do! Like all my indie garments it is available in nine sizes to fit as many knitters as possible! The cables are all charted, and there are setup rows for each size so that no matter which size you need the cables will grow out of the ribbing naturally.

boyden casual

All this takes a bit of demonstrating, so there’s a whole page of cable charts. But even including that page the actual pattern is only 4 pages long. The cover page includes all your notions and materials, the final page shows the schematic, photos, and credits. So if you wanted to save paper you could print just the middle four.

I really enjoyed discussing this sweater design process on my blog, I can’t do this for all designs (especially not the published one where the contract says not to) but I hope this journey has been insightful. Maybe it’ll inspire someone else to try their hand at designing! It’s not magic, just a lot of fun (but hard) work!


7 responses to “Done and DONE!

  1. I’ve already bought boyden, and am really excited to get going! I was just wondering how much ease there is between the sample and the model in your picture…I’m thinking I might want an inch or two more for myself.

  2. LOVE it – it came out so wonderful and stylish!!

  3. Oh my Becky! You are amazing! All of your designs are so unique and absolutely beautiful! You are so talented.

  4. I LOVED reading your design process.

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