I’m starting to have a LOT of scarves

pile o scarves

Which is good, because we only have one month left to collect scarves to help fund the high risk breast cancer program.*

If you’re knitting a scarf please try and get it to me before May 14th. If you need my address again just send me an e-mail or drop a note here!

And if you’re just learning about my scarf drive now, you can check out all the details. One month is still plenty of time to knit a scarf!

scarves on a line

*Ok, only one month until my appointment anyway. They collect scarves year ’round. But I don’t plan on going back for another year…


4 responses to “Scarves

  1. I have quite a few scarves done and a couple in progress, so it would be good to get your address now. :)

  2. Would you be so kind as to email your address to me.

  3. I spy my scarves!

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