Spring, sprang, sprung!

Spring is springing springily up here in VT!* It’s helped along by another spurt of 70 degree weather – which is still a bit out of place, but less so than it was in March. My garden season has officially started:


with the spinach I over wintered being my first harvest of the season. The peas, broccoli, beets, and lettuce I planted in March have all germinated with decent success. I’ll be putting the frames back over them tonight since we’re due to get a frost.

And I’m running a bit of a botany/genetics experiment in my back yard:


See the bloodroot which was just about to bloom this morning? See the bloodroot leaves behind them, already finished blooming? Both sets are transplants from other gardens. The bloodroot which bloomed last week came up from my parents’ wooded garden. Their seasons usually run about 2-3 weeks ahead of mine. The bloodroot which is probably blooming right now came from my coworker’s garden which is right in the same season/climate as my own. Both plants are now side by side in my garden. This is the third year in a row where the NH plants have bloomed much earlier than VT plants. Although I do believe they’re getting closer in time each year. I’d love to have an explanation for how this works… Note that the bloodroot was smart enough (unlike the daffodils) not to bloom, or even poke its head above the ground, back in March. April is about when I’d expect them to bloom in a normal spring season.

*Believe it or not, my spell/grammar check didn’t have a single issue with this sentence…


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