making a list

and checking it over and over again. I’m thinking about yarns! Local yarns, farm yarns, yarns made on this continent instead of some other one. I do this from time to time, just to remind myself of all the great yarns I haven’t worked with (recently or ever) along with my standbys.

What are your favorites? I have a skein of Leisel calling to me from the inspiration basket (I even know what I’d knit with it, but I have no time)

and I just discovered that Mountain Colors has a cashmere silk blend called Jeanette that I’ve never even seen in person! (it was new last year, so that’s probably why)

What new yarns do you have your eye on? Got anything to recommend to me? I am creating an actual list right now…


2 responses to “making a list

  1. I just got some yarn from Hidden Valley in Wisconsin:
    I haven’t knit with it yet, but their colors are so earthy and lovely. Their wool is Coopworth, which is a long wool. I can’t wait to use it!

  2. I like the farm yarns too – I’ve got a bunch of merino/alpaca sportweight I got at the DFW festival (Trinity Ridge Alpacas). There’ll probably be a few more out once this spring’s clip gets processed. I’ll keep an eye out – maybe there’s something local here you’d like to try (something with Churro?)

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