Pianissimo mitts

I’ve been waiting to show these off for a LONG time!

pianissimo mitts

© Interweave Knits

My pianissimo mitts are in the summer issue of Interweave Knits! The preview for this issue is available on their website now. These mitts are part (and that’s the scary thing, they’re just part) of the reason I was crazy busy last december. Favorite and queue them on Ravelry, as always.

pianissimo mitts

© Interweave Knits

These little mitts are knit out of lace weight yarn. They’re delicate, soft little things perfect for a chilly summer night or an over air conditioned office. The lace and ribbing in the cuffs make these mitts stretchy (note that the 6″ samples easily fit my 7.5″ hands)

pianissimo cuff lace detail

The whole pair takes 175 – 225 yards of yarn. So these mitts can easily be knit using the leftovers from a lace shawl. I’m also hoping to see them knit up out of those tiny samplers of special fiber that hand spinners often buy. I bet you could get 175 yards out of 1 ounce of something special, right? I may have to try it myself, but I’m not quite skilled enough as a spinner to spin a consistent lace weight yarn.

This whole issue of Interweave is really lovely! The garments look perfect for summer, and the jewelry looks amazing (which I find shocking, I could NEVER design knitted jewelry although there’s plenty out there that I would knit and have worn!)


4 responses to “Pianissimo mitts

  1. Awesome! I’m really excited to get my issue in the mail and take a look.

  2. They’re beautiful. So delicate, and I love the cuffs. Looking forward to seeing the pattern!

  3. You already know I love em….. :) Congrats too! Interweave publication = very awesome!!

  4. Those are just beautiful! I love all the lace details…

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