reduce reuse

The cold and dreariness of the last two weeks has really put a dampener on my gardening excitement. But it hasn’t stopped entirely.

little seedlings

Little seedlings keep appearing on my windowsill. Four varieties of winter squash started first (carnival, butternut, buttercup, delicata) Next came summer squash (zucchini and patty pans), watermelons, and a few cherry tomatoes*

All my seed starting supplies follow the first two R’s of that famous green triangle, I’m reducing waste and reusing plastics. The pots I’ve reused for years. But these plant tags?

plant tags1 plant tags2

are made of cut up yogurt lids**

And the little greenhouses I use to keep moisture in and trap heat?

seed covers1 seed covers2

Are empty salad boxes from the grocery store. Even the trickle watering jug is an old orange juice container with some holes punched in the lid!

The soil is garden soil with an extra helping of well processed compost. The seeds are all from packages purchase last year and the year before. I’m going to have to buy seeds at some point this year, but so far this gardening thing has been free!

*ok, yes, I said I wasn’t doing any tomatoes this year. But these guys will go in a container up by the house. Hopefully they’ll have better luck there.
**I reuse the containers instead of buying tupperware. But eventually the dogs get a hold of something and chew it up, so I have extra lids.


2 responses to “reduce reuse

  1. lilithparker

    I envy your ability to grow things indoors. My cats would eat everything and dump the soil on the floor. :(

    • Yet another reason I have those salad containers over the seedlings! My cats mostly used to try and walk across the little pots. But that still killed everything in them and left a trail of dirty footprints…

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