sneaking in a sunny photo shoot

You may recall that I’m designing for Woolly Wonka’s 2012 Shakespeare in Lace shawl club. In fact, I’m doing the summer pattern and it’s release is coming right up – which means it’s well past time to take some photos*.

This is where things get tricky, I often have a very exact idea of what I want the photos to look like, in fact sometimes an ideal photo shoot inspires my whole design. In this case I’ve known I wanted a glorious green field setting right from the start. At first I was afraid this’d be impossible if the photo shoot needed to happen in March or April. Then I realized if I put it off to the last possible minute I could use a green hay field near my house.

Everything was going exactly as planned until May rolled around and things got cloudy. A week ago monday was nice and sunny, but clouded over pretty much as I left work. Then it rained all week. That made the fields gorgeous and green – but there was no way I was taking a delicate lace shawl out into the rain. Also the lighting was all wrong.

Finally this weekend was sunny, but of course I had plans to be out of state. Neil and I visited my family all day Saturday. But on sunday as we headed home through the sunny mountains I realized that evening would be perfect. We got home, I quickly changed (the benefit of being model and using my husband as photographer is not having to match anyone else’s schedule) and we found ourselves a nice, empty hay field:

sunday shoot

perfect! And it’s not just me saying that. Anne thinks they’re perfect too. She’ll be posting some (carefully labeled) spoiler photos in her Ravelry group later this month. The pattern will be headed to club members for June. The rest of you will have to wait a bit longer then that. But I’m really so SO excited about this shawl I couldn’t even wait until June without giving away this little sneak-peak of a sneak-peak!

*If you’re in the club no worries- there will be no spoiler photos. If you’re not in the club- too bad! No spoiler photos for you either


One response to “sneaking in a sunny photo shoot

  1. Sooo true – I loved em. And I got spoilt… happily spoilt to see the finished shawl!!

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