fantasy knitting

I wrapped up a design yesterday, and have started TWO more in the last 4 days. I love the unfolding potential of casting on a new thing EVEN MORE when it’s one of my own designs. But there’s not a lot to show for it…

So instead I’ll show you the things I wish I were knitting, if I had an extra pair of hands*

Dyer’s Delight on Ravelry

Dyer's Delight copyright Amy van de Laar

Dyer’s Delight copyright Amy van de Laar

I don’t even remember how I stumbled onto this one, but look at the colors! She uses mini skeins dyed with koolaid, I’m sure you could use sock leftovers too. Look at the happy chevrons! Yes, there’s intarsia, but I think it’s the good kind of intarsia! And it’s certainly better than trying to sew up all those little strips!

Skipperdee also on Ravelry

Skipperdee by Julia Farwell-Clay © 2012 Caro Sheridan

Skipperdee by Julia Farwell-Clay © 2012 Caro Sheridan

I love cables, I LOVE shoulder cables! But let’s be honest, what I really love here is that shade of red. Although I am chronically unable to knit a sweater in the yarn that’s recommended, and I still want to cast on Right Now. So clearly it’s not just the yarn that’s calling to me.

Planche vest also on Ravelry

Planche vest by Meghan Jones © Interweave Knits

Planche vest by Meghan Jones © Interweave Knits

This vest is in the summer issue of Interweave Knits. I think I’d wear it just like this one- over a tank top to dress it up enough to wear to work. Or maybe that’s just my dream outfit since our offices are still so cold I’m wearing the bulkiest handknit sweaters in my collection… I even have some Mirasol cotton yarn in my stash that I think would be perfect for this vest!

Wrought Socks on Ravelry

Wrought Socks by Stephannie Tallent © Kathy Cadigan

Wrought Socks by Stephannie Tallent © Kathy Cadigan

Waitaminute! How’d these get on the list? Oh yeah, because I had to put my orange wrought socks into the hibernation pile while I work on some designs. See? this is why I have lots of incomplete socks, and lots 2 year old socks that are starting to wear through…

What do you wish you were knitting right now? Or are you knitting exactly what you want to be knitting?

*I’ve thought about this. I think if you had two pairs of hands you’d want to switch off between which pair were knitting and which pair were doing the day-to-day activities. Otherwise the always-knitting hands would get really tired.

Also, what would you do when you just wanted to sit and knit? Could you knit two things at once? Or would you just give one pair of hands a break?


7 responses to “fantasy knitting

  1. I’m feeling the lace sweater that’s been languishing in my ravelry queue (and the yarn in my stash) for a while…or another pair of socks.

  2. I’ve actually got a pretty good balance right now – one pair of more technical socks and one pair of pretty easy socks on the needles. I’d just like to have more knitting time – I wouldn’t even care what I knit!

    • I’m certainly not complaining! I love the things I’m casting on for right now. I just know they’re going to take up all my time for the next two months and I’ll have NOTHING to blog about…

  3. I love your post Becky ! Don’t you just love Julia’s new design ~ bought it when it came out and can’t wait to knit it up. The Wrought Iron socks are great too but I have to say I’m mad for your Dyer’s Delight!

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