party prep

Neil is GRADUATING TOMORROW!! I’m so proud of him!! He went back to school after working with troubled teens for several years, when he realized he really wanted to do more. But he knew he needed to actually get a degree in psych before he could even make further plans.

neil award

That’s a crappy cell phone photo of him getting an award for academic achievement in a non-traditional setting. He’s at Johnson State College as part of their external degree program (which is set up for grown ups who want to finish their degree but also have jobs, mortgages, real lives, can’t live on campus, etc…) and yes, he’s wearing a fedora!

Anyway! Today I’m at work. But I have a list going beside me – things to do for tomorrow’s party:
pile bonfire wood
clear coat rack for guests
shove crap back into guestroom closet and close the door
get a burn permit
make popcorn and snack foods
find lawn chairs, badminton set, pop-up tent for shade

Tomorrow I’m starting the TWELVE POUND ham before we even head to the graduation ceremony. Tomorrow afternoon there will be food, friends, a bonfire, and good times!

I can’t wait, I’m so proud!!


8 responses to “party prep

  1. Congrats Neil! What an accomplishment! Future people you work with will be lucky they have you! Sorry we can’t make it to the party-sounds like a good one!

  2. Congrats to Neil! Your party sounds like lots of fun – hope the weather cooperates :-)

    • The weather did cooperate! I rained all week, was sunny and beautiful on Saturday, and rainy again today. Well it’d be nicer with a little sun today but mostly I’m going to recuperate on the couch anyway…

  3. Woohoo and congrats! I hope the party was as good as it sounds. 8)

  4. YAY! Congrats to him!! That’s such a huge undertaking while you are trying to have.. you know.. an actual adult life. Good for him!

  5. Congratulations to him, and hope you had a fantastic time!

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