The yarn I’m working with right now is the EXACT same color as new leafy growth:

leafy yarn

Which is to say it contains all the shades of green and it changes from light to shadow. I love these properties in both yarn and leaves.

Our trees have all started to leaf out at once in the last 5 or 7 days. Less than a week ago the willows and poplars had a green tinge from a distance, and that was it. Now we have the soft, baby green on the maple trees. The hard, edgy green of oak leaves. The poplars have full shaded green already, and the willows are wispy light green.


5 responses to “leafy

  1. Very pretty! Which yarn and colorway is that?

  2. So pretty! (The yarn *and* the leaves.) In TN everything has been fully leafed out for over a month… it looks and feels like mid-summer already. I am glad to get a glimpse of someone else’s spring!

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