Follow Friday

Follow Friday is a thing people do on twitter. It’s a way of recommending cool/interesting/entertaining people you should be aware of.

I’m feeling rather like there’s nothing going on around here that’s blog worthy, so I’m going to make a recommendation instead.

I think you should check out the series of posts on the Gaze over at Knitting Kninja. Kristen talks about Gaze and how it affects* our craft, especially since so many of us connect online where photography is the best way we have to show off our work. Here’s her introduction:

Gaze as it is used here comes from a usage popularized by French psychoanalyst and psychiatrist Jacques Lacan and refers to the anxiety inherent in the awareness of one’s visibility to others. In being viewed, the subject of viewing loses some control over how that viewing is perceived. Gaze requires theory of mind – the ability to understand that others have their own reactions and emotions separate from one’s own.

Yeah, so the subject is a little (ok, a lot) deeper than my standard fare of knitting, chickens, and gardening. But I’ve been fascinated with her whole series. Start with the first post on the male gaze or with the one about the crafter’s gaze (featuring my Morningtide mitts!) Either way I highly recommend it. And I understand she’s not done with the subject yet!

*effects? no, pretty sure this is affects


One response to “Follow Friday

  1. “affects” = “influences” and “effects” = “changes” so it could really be either. . . .

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