I was at the feed store on saturday, and they were selling blackberry and raspberry plants. Wait, let me emphasize the bit I find odd*, they were SELLING these plants.

Here’s why I find this so odd. See my yard?

messy yard

It’s a mess (this is why I don’t give you wide view shots of my yard very often). We took down all the pine trees three years ago, and haven’t done anything since the stumps were pulled. There are 3 year old saplings and brambles everywhere. See the white?

tiny white flowers everywhere

See it?!??

blackberry blooms

We are going to have QUITE the fruit harvest this year. I’m thinking about putting out a scale, a change jar, and a “pick your own berries” sign…

*Yes, I know the domestic plants have much larger fruit, blah blah blah. I still can’t imagine buying the suckers**

**pun intended


6 responses to “Blackberries

  1. I personally like the sweet-tartness of the wilder versions. Lots of childhood afternoons with my pony in the woods picking them too – good times.

  2. We’ve got the same thing going on in our yard. As a matter of fact, I’ve got blackberries growing in my flower garden that I should have pulled *last* year…

  3. We have many rasberry bushes bordering our acreage also. I love raspberries but every year I get to taste very few of them. The birds seem to swoop in and eat everything before I can have a share. This year I’m going to put on my long sleeves carefully avoid the poison ivy get a few
    of my favorite berries.

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