pretty things

I have many pretty things coming up in my garden! It’s all plants, all the time here at the Herrick House. Veggie seedlings are sprouting, flower seedlings are almost ready to be transplanted to larger pots, and everything seems to have survived the pounding rain we got earlier this week. I have pansies and snapdragons (I think?)


These are surprise flowers that I started from seed last year, stunted by not transplanting early enough, but plopped into my garden anyway. Somehow they overwintered (it was a mild winter) and they’re much happier this year, so wheee! Good for them.


I’ve got happy little cucumber seedlings


and the three sisters as babies.

And according to my weather farm and garden journal, we’re not due for another frost any time this week, and next week is my last frost date!


One response to “pretty things

  1. You’re making me really miss having a garden. One of the problems with renting! I can’t believe you’re still in the frost range though… it’s been, like, 90 degrees here for about the last two months. I miss the north…

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