What I’m wearing: purple and teal

Well I almost never talk about what I’m wearing (I think I predicted that when I started using this tag) But I was just so proud of myself this morning when I figured out I could wear these colors together

purple and teal

The teal top is my version of the Petal Halter pattern from Interweave’s spring 2009 issue. It’s far and away the most favorited project I’ve uploaded to Ravelry. And yet I rarely wear it because it’s too cold in my office for a sleeveless top and this top is too fancy to wear gardening…

I’m wearing it with a store-bought (gasp!) cardigan. This is my concession to the fad of these cardigans with the extra fabric around the front/collar. I love the way they look, but I’m unlikely to knit one. I like to knit sweaters with a timeless look, and I have yet to hear a convincing argument that sweaters with random flaps of fabric are going to become timeless. Not to mention that all that extra fabric means a LOT more knitting then a sweater with a more classic look…

So in the mean time I’m enjoying my store bought cardi. And I like that I can wear it with my teal top. I asked Neil this morning if I could wear teal and purple and he gave the best, safest, response I’ve ever heard. He said, “well, that’ll depend on which shoes you choose.”

Seriously, why can’t I think that quickly on my feet?

purple and teal 2

This odd pose brought to you by the fact that I backed into the support strand for a spider web, and suddenly feared that Aragog was going to drop from the eaves of my chicken coop. At least he would’ve been caught on camera…

Then since I was so pleased with my outfit I decided to do up my hair! I’ve read that fancy braids are coming back into style*. Since I have great hair for fancy braids I figure I should put it to use. It’s not like I get to be stylish very often… This crown braid is a french braid. It works surprisingly well with my thin hair using a trick I learned on Pinterest. I start the braid behind one ear and work around the back of my head first. Thus by the time the braid reaches the front where it frames my face it is full and thick. I’ve been practicing and finally I’ve gotten to the point where I can wear this outside the house. I still need some practice pulling the sections of hair evenly, but I’m getting there!

*If I repeat this across the internet frequently enough it’ll become a self-fulfilling prophesy.


7 responses to “What I’m wearing: purple and teal

  1. charmingliltrinkets

    Very nice! Love the outfit and the hair. My hair always ends up in a messy bun.

  2. You look so pretty! The off white pants were the perfect thing to pair with your teal and purple.

  3. I’m a fan of fancy braids! I’ll have to try this one – with my new job I have to keep my hair pulled up and back so I’ve been trying to come up with new ways to wear it. (And I like your teal and purple combination, too!)

    Also, I giggled at the Aragog reference :D

    • Yay for fancy braids, if it works you should blog about it. I’m trying really hard to support this trend :-) and I’m glad someone got the giant spider reference!

  4. Great color combinations in a fabulous outfit! And that braid is great.

  5. Pretty sure Aragog is living by my shed, so don’t worry. Love the braid! I am not yet talented enough for that.

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