mail order chicks

I didn’t go in to work at my normal time this morning. Instead I stayed home and waited for a phone call. It was later than expected, but eventually the post office called and told me there was someone who wanted to speak to me:

mail order chicks

Nothing says priority mail like the LOUD box with airholes!

It’s this year’s batch of freedom rangers. They’re so cute at this age.

chicks eye view

And now they’re all set up in my coop. We use the bottom half of a dog crate to hold them while they’re small. The plastic is easy to clean and bleach before putting 48 hour old chicks in it each year, and it keeps the drafts out.

settled in

In 12 days they’ll be too big for this space, but also less susceptible to drafts. See how I have some dozing under the light, some off to the side, and some running around eating and drinking. This is how I know I’ve got the heat lamp at the right height. If they’re too cold they crowd together under it, and if they’re too warm no one would be hanging out underneath. Baby chicks at this age need almost 95F under the lamp, any colder and they can get stressed and weakened. At least in June we can worry less about the weather getting too cold.


3 responses to “mail order chicks

  1. Awwww- they’re so adorable!

  2. glad they arrived safely (and finally . . .)

  3. They’re so cute!

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