new sweater time!

I’ve released a new sweater pattern today, for the Grand View gansey

grand view main

You can find more details on the sweater here, or on Ravelry.

This sweater is another pattern I’ve designed in conjunction with Kim over at Grand View Farm (and named in their honor!) For this photo shoot we decided it would be good to include the sheep! So I got to play with lambs the whole time:

lamb mosaic
1. Grand view white lamb, 2. grand view sleeve, 3. grand view black lamb, 4. grand view back

The little black one was SO adorable, the photos really don’t do her* justice. And the moms were so patient with me while I tried to make the lambs pose. Lambs, as it turns out, don’t really like to pose. They’re too busy frolicking, eating, and running away from the camera…

This pattern used the natural gray romney yarn that’s available in their fiber CSA shares as well as at festivals. Kim will have hard copies available when she’s selling the yarn!

And I love that Kim went and got her “who’s your farmer?” shirt for the occasion:

grand veiw farmer

It’s such a good question to think about, and not just when it comes to food!

This photo shoot was tricky though, and not just because I was trying to coerce the lambs into photos. It was a very sunny day. Frequently (if I’m the only one involved) I’ll postpone a photo shoot to a better day. Direct sunlight can make taking pictures tricky, a lightly overcast day is better since the clouds are natural light diffusers. But in this case that wasn’t really an option. So we did the photos in the llama shelter and it meant I was constantly adjusting the camera settings based on which way we were facing, how much light was in the background, whether I thought I was going to be holding the white lamb or the black lamb… In retrospect I probably should have set the camera to a semi or fully automatic mode. But considering all that, I’m really pleased with the number of good photos we managed to get!

grand view shoulder detail

And I also got some photos of Kim wearing the sample sweater:

grand view kim

Notice how different the same sweater looks with a little positive ease instead of the zero ease when I’m wearing it. An inch or two can make a huge difference in a garment like this! Which is why designers always say to swatch, check your gauge, and make certain to pick the right size for you. I generally prefer negative ease, so if my actual size is between two garment sizes in a pattern I always go for the smaller one. This pattern includes some notes on ease and choosing a size. I will point out here that in my patterns the schematics are showing the true measurements of the garment. I’m not making recommendations on what sized person it’s meant to fit, I leave that choice up to each knitter!

*I think I remember both lambs here are female…


4 responses to “new sweater time!

  1. Saw this over on Rav and LOVE it! What a great, all-around sweater. Basic, but not boring.


  2. The sweater looks great on both of you. Beautiful design!
    (And aren’t lambs fun to cuddle?)

  3. YAY for Becky!!! Our farm sits high on a hillside and the winter winds and snow make chore time quite frigid. Now I can be cozy warm while feeding the sheep next winter! Ok….not to start knitting my swatch!

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