quinoa salad

I made quinoa salad over the weekend. I did it just to use up leftover quinoa, and I had to make my own because I didn’t have half the ingredients for any of the recipes I could find on the internet. It was an interesting experiment, and tasty enough I figured I’d share it!

dry ingredients

This is a combination of sweet and savory flavors. I’ve been playing around with them a lot recently. I put pineapple in chili a few weeks back, and pineapple in a curry chicken and rice dish last week. Even Neil liked those two! But anyway, back to the quinoa. I didn’t write this down in advance, so you’re getting the fuzzy measurements version. The good news here is if you’re missing something or have more of something else. I think it’s fine to play around with the amounts.

a handful of raisins, almonds, crystalized ginger, and coconut (about 1T of each, give or take)
1 or two of each: scallions, mini beets*
1 peach
2 cups cooked quinoa
dressing 1T each: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup
1tsp cinnamon, salt, pepper or to taste


Chop up your scallions, beets, and peach. I cut the almonds in half too, but maybe that’s excessive?
Mix everything but the dressing ingredients together in one bowl.
Mix all the dressing ingredients together in a little bowl or cup.
Pour dressing over quinoa salad. If you have time to let it sit before eating it the flavors meld really well. I discovered that when I ate the leftovers for lunch the day after making it.

quinoa salad

*these mini beets are from our farmer’s market. I’m pretty sure they’re just thinning the beet patch and selling the thinned ones. But I like them for salads because there’s the tasty beet greens, and the teeny tiny beets that are really sweet eaten raw.


One response to “quinoa salad

  1. this is about as different from my usual quinoa salad as it could possibly be. And undoubtedly delicious!

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