sewing issues

Sometimes my sewing projects go perfectly, sometimes they don’t. This is one of those times. I have a plain white t-shirt. It’s a hand-off from Neil who won’t wear it because of the V-neck.

I won’t wear it because it has no shape. Well, cylindrical is a shape, so what I mean is it has no shaping. So I’ve seen enough t-shirt mods on the internet. I have sewing skills. I figure I ought to be able to fix this problem.

tshirt mod collar

I started by making a deeper V-neck, and then trimming that with some ribbon. I trimmed it because I don’t really like the “hey, I can cut this knit fabric and let it roll and it doesn’t unravel” mentality of t-shirt mods. It’ll unravel eventually. Do you really want to slap that kind of a short life expectancy on your project?

I knew I wanted to make this shirt fitted under the bust. I figured I could gather the fabric and create some ruching. I knew I’d want the bust fabric gathered center front, and the torso fabric gathers more spread out. You can almost see what I was aiming for here:

tshirt mod pinned

So I pinned and measured carefully. Then cut the fabric. Next I ran some thread loosely through the raw edges. I thought I wanted the gathers to fall naturally so I just kinds spread them out evenly in their designated sections, pinned everything, and sewed the edges back together with a zig-zag stitch.

And the gathers didn’t naturally spread themselves out. Nope. The “centered” ruching is awkwardly focused to one side of center and makes me look horribly lop-sided. No, I didn’t take a picture for you. I need to get my seam ripper out and try again with WAY MORE PINS. Lesson learned (again): more pins are always more-better.


3 responses to “sewing issues

  1. Lol. I know about more is better. More than one ( million?) hard lessons over the years. Ripping seams, frogging knitting. That’s what we do!

  2. Another trick is to experiment with an old ratty tshirt before using the one you want to keep. :)

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