delightfully smelly

I’m spending a lot of time in my car today. No really, a LOT. Google maps tells me it’s 13hrs and 40min from my house to Columbus, OH – and that’s not counting pee breaks*. Knowing that this quality time with my car was coming up I decided to clean up a bit. I vacuumed (who decided to transport cord wood in my trunk anyway? It makes a horrible mess) I wiped, I washed.

And, inspired by my horror that people PAY MONEY to have chemical fragrances squirted into their car when they get the insides cleaned, I decided I needed an air freshener. You know, one that doesn’t reek of chemicals.

air freshener 1

So I made the best little air freshener you’ll never find in a store. I took a seashell with convenient hollows, a cotton swab, and a ribbon. I tore off just enough cotton swab to fill a convenient hollow, doused it with a natural, essential oil based perfume** and tucked it inside the seashell.

air freshener 2

Ta da!

*My car gets 45-49mpg on the highway. I need pee breaks far more often than fuel breaks.
**BPAL, or Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for the uninitiated. I’m using The Doormouse for my car. I like it, it’s light and refreshing. But it’s too light for perfume and fades away to nothing on my skin.


One response to “delightfully smelly

  1. That’s a great idea. I drive so little… but the next road trip, I’ll break out one of my sample vials. (BPAL FTW!)

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