finished purple dress

I finished the purple dress last week! It’s not perfect but it is perfectly wearable.

purple dress

The waist seam breaks up the lines of the princess seams and changes the silhouette from what I was picturing in my head. I don’t know how much of that could be fixed with a neater/more flat waist seam, and how much of that is just the nature of dresses with waist seams! I like princess seams so much I don’t do many dresses this way so I have very little experience with them.

skirt inset

But I think the cute pleat in the skirt is worth it. And as I’m frequently saying (in regards to making sweaters fit) you don’t need the waist of a garment to have the same ease as the bust. In fact I suspect most of us prefer to leave a little room around the waist even if the bust is well fitted.


The pesky zipper turned out pretty well! Again not perfect, but totally wearable. This fabric is so light that the zipper makes for a stiff point in the dress. Even with the lined bodice the zipper is still more stiff than the rest of it. Is there a better way to do closures? Softer zippers? I’m one of those invisible zippers so the teeth are already pretty small.


There’s really no elegant way to take, or crop, pictures of one’s bust, are there? But how else am I supposed to show off the awesome neckline on this dress?! I think the princess neckline and contrasting green should be sufficiently distracting to hide the other faults of the dress. And can you see the seam line at the bottom of that green corduroy? I didn’t think so. That’s the whole point of invisible seams.

climbing rose

I wanted to take these pictures next to my cute little climbing rose. It’s COVERED in blossoms right now. But the lighting over there gave my camera fits. Too bad. Sure, the climbing rose is small, but it’s already twice as big as last year. If it keeps growing at this rate next year it’ll start picking fights with the rugosa…


3 responses to “finished purple dress

  1. Lovely! I like the sweetheart neckline and the green trim :)

    As far as the fit – it looks like it’s a little blousy because your “waist” seam is more of a drop waist and sits a couple inches below the natural waist (usually the narrowest part of your torso. So, since the seam isn’t at the narrowest part of you, the bodice is a bit loose there. It looks fine to me! But if it bothers you you could try a belt or a sash. I’ve had this issue on a few dresses where I added a little too much length t0 the bodice (and I do like my dresses to be fitted quite snugly through the waist if they’re fitted at all, so it bothers me. If you’re happy with it, ignore my ramblings!)

  2. Pretty! Especially the neckline. Of course, you had me at purple…

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