thursday already?!

My schedule says thursday is the day for my TNNA round up day. I’m still struggling with re-entry. But let’s see what I’ve got so far…

I drove to Columbus for TNNA, the first part of the road trip was beautiful, I went over a ridge of mountains and crossed the new Champlain bridge.


The last leg of the trip was a bit more exciting than I wanted. I had a major tire blow-out while driving 75mph in the left hand lane of I-71 somewhere in Ohio. I’m lucky that it was a back tire and that the traffic was light so I could cross three lanes into the breakdown lane on the right. After 45 minutes sitting on the side of the interstate (at least I had my knitting with me) AAA found me and changed the tire. Sadly the picture of the totally ruined tire was eaten by my phone, so I have no visual evidence for you.

Columbus was SO MUCH FUN. I was just walking the floor so I got to visit with yarn companies, dyers, publishers, and other designers. We’re not allowed to take photos on the show floor, but there was a cute pavilion just outside the door (lookit all the people knitting!)


There was Jeni’s ice cream (um, I went 5 times over 4 days)


There was lunch with lots of good friends! People I’ve known online for a while and now I can count as real life friends! People like Ruth, Chris, Lee, and Stacey



But also lots of other people I didn’t get pictures of. I met so many great designers (and tried to control my gushing – only sometimes successfully) I attended Marly Bird’s designer dinner, I thanked the yarnies who wrote my letters of introduction, and I networked.

It was sometimes exhausting because I was ON all the time. A perfect example came while eating dinner at a pub near the convention center. Across the isle was a booth where several yarn store employees were eating. They commented on my cardi and all of a sudden I’m handing out business cards and talking about the Ravelry in-store pattern sales program. Don’t get me wrong, it was WONDERFUL that they wanted to talk to me. But by the end of day 4 my voice was starting to go…

Then I drove home, I took a slightly different path and ended up driving NORTH through the adirondacks.


At one point I noticed the border patrol station was south of me, and all signs pointing north read “CANADA” From there I crossed the islands and dropped back south to my home. And I’m so glad to be home again!

Next I need to settle in, unpack, find my new friends online. Soon I’ll give you specifics on my new favorite yarns, and I’m going to have some pretty awesome give aways coming up too!


2 responses to “thursday already?!

  1. Ohmygosh! I’m glad you are ok and your tip home was uneventful! I hear that Columbus is a cool town. We’re hoping to plan a weekend there soon. I enjoyed all your updates and look forward to more reports!

  2. Sounds like a trip well-worth the drive! Glad you had an awesome time, and such wonderful fun! (And glad you are home safely!)

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