I hear that’s what happens to plants

A funny thing happened in my garden while I was gone for a week… EVERYTHING GREW! I guess the plants really like the heat and humidity (someone ought to be enjoying it) because I think this is my best garden yet.*

I’m growing peas using tomato cages. They were half as tall as the cages that third week of June when I left.

peas everywhere

And now you can barely see the cages. The green beans were working on their second set of true leaves.

bean flowers

And now they’re starting to flower.

And the three sisters planting? It can only be described as RIOTOUS.


Last year I was really please to have corn that was actually knee high by the 4th of July. Well this corn was WAIST high over the weekend when I took these pictures. I’m hoping the corn and beans continue to grow above the squash. I mean, the squash really shouldn’t get any higher than waist high right? If they do they’re seriously going to overwhelm my garden.

The tricky bit is my garlic is still planted in that mess. Last year I planted the corn over my rows of garlic, and harvested the garlic before the corn got too big. This year? I can barely see the garlic. I’m sure it’s under there, somewhere…

And, since I’m sure you’re curious, here are the random numbers for the tape measure winners:


Actually the random numbers were 3, 6, 6, 6, 6, 4. But I wasn’t going to send #6 two tape measures no matter how much the generator wanted me to… So that means Ely, wyvernfriend, and charmingliltrinkets I’m e-mailing you next! Watch your in-boxes!

*I suppose this could also have something to do with the 6 wheelbarrow loads of rich compost I turned into the soil earlier in the spring.


2 responses to “I hear that’s what happens to plants

  1. I grew up doing major “gardening” (an that’s an inadequate description, I think, for our chores!) and, as an adult, decided I would do only very minimal gardening. Living in a major agricultural region, however, means I can visit farmers markets regularly for getting just picked fresh veges & fruits!

  2. That said, I ADMIRE others’ efforts in this regard! :)

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