I have a new pattern to show you all today. No, not the green cardi I’ve been giving sneak-peaks of, that’s coming soon though! Today is my Birdseye Beret:

Birdseye beret © Brittany Tyler

© Brittany Tyler

It’s a squooshy hat that knits up quickly in Malabrigo Rasta – a super bulky yarn. The bulk of the yarn provides texture and the yarn is highlighted with the simple twisted rib brim and eyelet fabric in the top. You can get the PDF for free from the Tangled blog, and you can favorite/queue Birdseye on Ravelry too.


I named this one Birdseye because my original swatch was brown, and the wavey lace and eyelet pattern reminded me of birdseye maple wood. I think it’s a much more flattering hat in this gorgeous deep blue though. The colorway is Midnight Paris, and the childs’ and adult sizes can be knit with a single skein! There’s a 24″ size as well for people who like their hats extra slouchy.

birdseye 2

This pattern took 4 days from swatch until it was completely finished and written up. That includes the part where I had to rip the whole thing out and add 6 stitches to make it properly slouchy. Oh, and the part where I ripped the crown 3 or 4 times to make the lace pattern continue through the decreases.
The decreases are easy to do, it was just the figuring out part that was tricky. That being said, the rasta holds up to ripping far better than I thought it would. It develops a bit of a halo instead of a sheen, but that happens with blocking anyway.


5 responses to “Birdseye

  1. It looks great! The yarn really matches the pattern.

  2. Loved it over on Rav when I saw it there too! I wish EVERY design took less than a week. Even with frogging.

  3. Cute hat! Love the blue. Glad I found your blog. I’ll be back . . .

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