something special

My family has had some very good news recently! My sister is pregnant, due in December. The way I see it, a december baby is going to need a lot of woolen things to keep warm, right? Right! We don’t know if she’s having a boy or a girl yet, so I figured I’d start with a baby blanket.

I bought a handful of patterns for this blanket before deciding on a course of action. I’ve had my eye on the Serenity blanket for ages. But I decided I wanted something a little less boldly patterned.

Then I got the Cushy Cocoon Layette pattern. I was convinced it was perfect for a december baby for about 48 hours. But then I remembered I wanted a classic baby blanket for this first project. Also, I decided I didn’t have the right yarn in my stash…

Next I bought the Growing Flowers pattern, it’s been designed to work as either a shawl or a baby blanket. I haven’t got a good reason for why I decided against this one.

Honestly, each of these projects was perfect in my mind when I chose it. But in the end it came down to this: I think I needed to design something myself. I can’t explain why, that’s just what my brain is demanding!


So the yarn is Valley Yarns Valley superwash. It’s a giant 500 yard skein of creamy white superwash merino. The pattern, so far, is a simple square using the same pattern as the one in the body panel of my Glorious Morning shawl* Once the square is finished I plan on working some kind of a knitted on border. I haven’t decided what yet, but the way this project is going I’ll probably try 4 or 5 different options before I settle on one!

*You might think that after knitting a shawl’s worth of that stitch I’d be done with it. But apparently not…


9 responses to “something special

  1. So pretty!

  2. Since every baby obviously needs more than one blanket, I love this one: Mindless stitching, fun colors.

  3. Of course you needed to design something yourself! Makes perfect sense. I would buy a bunch of patterns just in the name of research.

  4. How exciting and I love fall/winter babies … great woolies that can be knitted for them! I love your choices and can’t wait to see them finished :)

  5. Congrats to your sister! How exciting – and now you have the fun of some baby knits to make too. :)

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