cardigan story

I’ve released another pattern! Let me introduce my Lime Sorbet cardi:

lime sorbet buttoned

As always you can favorite and queue it on Ravelry or see more details and buy the pattern here.

This cardigan came about as a result of a specific request. I met Karin of Periwinkle Sheep last fall at the VT Sheep and Wool festival. She was looking for someone to design with her yarns, and you all know how I love supporting other local fiber artists! She sent me some of her new merino sport yarn with a directive to “play” and a request for some sort of a garment.

lime sorbet back view

Like many other knitters I love merino yarns, they’re so soft! And I love superwash yarns, because they’re so easy to care for. However as a designer I also know that superwash merino can be tricky, especially for garments. But this isn’t problem as long as I keep it in mind. So my goal, when designing with this yarn, became to design something that would highlight the yarn.

lime sorbet unbuttoned direct

This cardigan is fitted, I’m wearing it in the photo with about half an inch of ease. Positive ease in a cardigan keeps the button band from gaping. But the fitted measurements across the shoulders and in the sleeves, as well as the length of the body, all keep the superwash in check. It’s fitted so the garment doesn’t become to baggy if the yarn grows as it’s worn. Also the yarn twist is wonderful with tightly coiled plies, so it’s sprongy and bouncy and less prone to bagginess than other superwash yarns might be. The design is simple, with carefully planned little details, which allow the yarn to shine through.

lime sorbet cuff and hem detail

The color is bright, playful, spunky, and perky. I have lots of adjectives for this sweater, but none of them are demure. This is a design for biking along the beach, chasing fireflies, climbing trees, all sorts of summer activities when it might be a little cool (not that it’s cool at all right now) I love this Avocado green but was hard pressed to choose just one color. I think it’d look equally good in the others. What about her purple Craving? Would that make it a grape sorbet cardi?

lime sorbet moody sky

*yes, that’s a word, I’m sure of it.


5 responses to “cardigan story

  1. It looks beautiful- congrats!

  2. Pretty cardigan, nice color.

  3. Oooh, lovely! Enjoying the tangy lime. Pretty sleeve details!

  4. Loved this and I’m so happy you had that great purple top on for the photos – really stellar photostyling!!

    • I made that choice as a direct result of being reminded all about color theory in the craftsy “shoot it” class I’m taking right now! So glad I’m learning applicable stuff there!

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