dispatches from the garden

Today I’m reporting from the garden (well metaphorically anyway) where harvest season seems to be kicking in a bit early!

First off, I’ve picked a quart of blackberries in the last two days:

A pint every evening today and yesterday (don’t ask how fast I’m eating them) Along with the big juicy ones and the seedier, sweeter ones (I think these are domestic and wild, is that right?) I also still have raspberries and black raspberries out there.

And the beans are coming in FAST. I have three kinds! (wanna do a taste test?) I’ve got green beans (haricots verts according to the seed package) yellow wax beans, and dragon langerie beans (or lingerie which is how I like to refer to them: “Yes, those are my dragon underwear beans”)

On a side note, if you’re like me, you occasionally read those articles about how humans don’t eat the same variety of plants that we did 150 years ago. I think this has less to do with weird plants that we don’t eat anymore (although I bet you can’t find kohlrabi at the normal grocery store) I think it has more to do with there being one, maaaybe 2, kinds of beans at the store. Which is funny since I have FOUR in my garden. And they really all do taste different.

And while we’re talking about variety. I have two kinds of lettuce:

Red leafy and green leafy. Neither form heads. Both are so delicate we couldn’t even get them through the CSA. They have to be picked fresh and eaten straight away. (I find I can store them in the fridge for 2-3 days if I don’t wash them first) They’re amazingly delicious too!

And I harvested my garlic. I think. At least I hope I got most of it.

There’s a slight problem though. I’ve come to realize that while planting corn over garlic works pretty well, and planting corn as part of a three-sisters garden works great – this does not mean you should plant a three-sisters garden over garlic. Because the squash plants TAKE OVER. And they’re mean, they will cut you. I got more scratches trying to dive between the squash, beans, and corn to pull garlic than I did picking blackberries. Seriously.

I’m pretty sure I missed some. I think I harvested 20 bulbs, and I would’ve said I had more plants than that. But I just couldn’t find any more down under all those spiky squash leaves. I felt a little bit like the creature from the squash lagoon coming up for air by the end of it.

Another important thing to note. If you plant summer squash this way. Make sure they’re on the edge of the patch. There are patty-pans in there that I’m going to have to go diving for in a week. Hopefully my current scratches will have healed by then…


4 responses to “dispatches from the garden

  1. My husband went out to pick our black raspberries the other night, and found a nest with 4 newly hatched baby birds right in the center of the the little patch. He decided not to disturb them (especially with scolding mama nearby), so looks like we’re not getting raspberries this year…
    (Isn’t it late in the year for nestlings?)

  2. Oh, that’s hilarious! My gardening adventures stopped abruptly a few years ago when I landed in the hospital. The garden is now taken over with weeds–but I have to get back to it!

  3. I am in love with the way you’ve planted the garden. Can you recommend a reference for the Three Sisters planting, or is Google the way to go? I’m curious about the spacing. (I am also already trying to plan next year’s garden without knowing where I’ll be living.)

    • I’m glad you like my garden! I’m afraid I don’t know any good resources online. I’m cobbling together my plans with info from a local farmer and some ideas that seem sensible to me. You can see the measurements I used in one of my early spring posts here: http://wp.me/p10Gzq-ou

      A few notes I’ve made as things grew include: if you can start squash from seed outdoors I think that’d put all the plants on equal footing. I started my squash indoors and they almost shaded out the corn.

      And as you can see the planting is really dense. Getting in there to pick sweet corn is going to be like exploring a jungle…

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