signs of summer

I went to an ice cream social at a friend’s place this weekend. Complete with home made ice cream! In four flavors even: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mint chocolate chip.

ice cream

I had to try a little of each (obviously). There was also whipped cream and caramel sauce (also home made)


What can I say? My friends know how to eat well! There was a pretty good spread of deliciousness besides the ice cream too:


I made peach clafoutis. I think it went over pretty well, all I brought home was the empty pie plate…

Along with good food there was bocci, swimming in the creek, chatting on the shady porch. And music! Really good fiddle and mandolin music.


Oh yes, and some dancing


Dancing with swords. Just for good measure. Maybe that’s not part of everyone’s summer. But I rather like it!

6 responses to “signs of summer

  1. Gosh life is hard! What fun.

  2. Woah! That picture of the spinning sword… I am nowhere near coordinated enough to do that (unless I wear a metal glove, maybe).

    • That’s not actually spinning, it’s a knot made out of many swords. Also the rapper swords have handles on both end since they’re designed for dancing. And they’re not sharp – but you wouldn’t want to get your fingers caught in the knot when it’s made, they move those swords really fast!

  3. How fun! Looks like a blast, and I’ll even have a scoop of the mint chocolate for breakfast, please.

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