even in australia

Yesterday was one of THOSE days. Things just didn’t go as planned. We needed to go pick up a dresser from a friends’ house. They’re moving and need to be out by the end of the month. There was a thunderstorm rolling in, but we looked at the clock, looked at the sky, and decided we could make it before the storm hit.

No such luck. We ended up BOLTING from our car to the house through the hail and whipping winds. We took the dresser apart (it has a mirror/shelf piece on top) and down the tight stairwell as the storm roared outside. Luckily (?) the storm had shifted to just steady rain and occasional thunder as we carried the dresser to the car.

It fit in the car, but just barely, and the tailgate didn’t quite shut. Neil tried to give it just a little shove- and the corner of the dresser shattered the rear window.

So now we’re driving home through the tail end of the storm listening to rain and broken safety glass patter down into the car, and the new dresser.

We got home to discover the power was out. We cleaned up the broken glass as best we could. Got the dresser (still full of glass, Neil will vacuum it out today) inside and covered the tailgate of the car with a shower curtain. We had cold leftovers for dinner (and a much needed beer)


Today I woke up to find my corn took a beating in the storm too. I don’t think anything is uprooted. I think the squash and beans supported the stalks a little. I’m hopeful that I can stake them upright again.

Everyone has terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days, even in vermont…


One response to “even in australia

  1. HUGS! Sorry about the cruddy day. Glad you had a beer. I hope today is much, much better and that your corn recovers.

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