who’s got the button?

Have you seen any JHB buttons?


These guys make some pretty good buttons! I got a collection of them at TNNA in my designer dinner bag. They’re also the makers of most of the buttons I get at the craft store in Burlington*.

Generally when I’ve got a finished sweater I want a nicer set of buttons than those boring plastic ones – but not buttons that are going to cost me $4 each. One thing to keep an eye out for when you’re looking at craft store buttons is making sure they’ll work with knitted fabric. Generally this means larger button holes or shank style buttons like these blue ones:


And I wanted to pass these two sets of buttons on to you! So I’ve picked them because they look like they’ll be good for knitted sweaters (or hats, or mitts, whatever you like that needs a set of buttons)

There are 6 of each color. And I’m willing to mail them off to anyone in the continental US** Just leave a comment here telling me: which is your favorite pattern with buttons? I’ll choose two winners next wednesday (August 1st) at 5pm est.

*including the see-through ones I used on Trout River.
**Sorry, but I mailed tape measures internationally and that cost more than I’d expected.


11 responses to “who’s got the button?

  1. I’m nearly done with Boyden right now, so that’s my current favorite pattern with buttons! I love buttoned cardigans, so I have lots of faves. :) I love the sets you’ve picked out!

  2. Oh.. I love buttons and these are wonderfully cute. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get lucky twice in a row. (Sorry about the postage. If my number gets drawn, I’ll provide a US mailing address. Will just be a little while before I can pick them up.)

  3. Oh I love buttons! My mom has an endless jar of buttons. I just bought a button for an aran sweater that is made out of some sort of nut, then glazed over the top. It’s fantastic! Next, I’m on the hunt for a set of tiny turquoise buttons for a Georgia cardigan.

  4. I’m not going to lie- I pretty much love every cardigan with buttons. If I win, maybe I’ll try my set out on a Boyden???

  5. I love the cowls with a textured or cable fabric that have several buttons to close them, like Lavande by Robin Ulrich.

  6. I really haven’t done many projects with buttons – mostly baby sweaters! I loved the “Slither” fingerless mitts I made, though – they have buttons all the way up to the elbows! And I have your “Tea Time” mitts on my to-knit list – love the button details on those ;)

  7. Oh My….how I love beautiful buttons! I love the Tiny Tea Leaves/Tea Leaves cardigans (by Melissa LaBarre) and the Puerperium Cardigan (by Kelly Brooker). I’ve been on big “baby knitting” kick for the last several months. My family is growing like crazy! Thank you for sharing, and Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. I have such a hard time with buttons. These look lovely!

    • Oops! And I meant to say that I love most cardigans. I don’t know that I have a favorite although coraline is my next in line…

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