caramelized jam

I made caramel apricot jam! But let’s be clear here, I didn’t do it on purpose. Nope, what I did was salvage a victory from the jaws of badly-burned-sugar-defeat.

It all started with a pint of apricot seconds at a farm stand over the weekend. Monday I chopped them up finely, mixed them equal parts with sugar and a dash of cinnamon, and left them to sit in the fridge.

I’d learned from __ about making jam in two parts. Doing all the prep work one night and all the cooking work the second night seemed to me like a good way to break up canning projects over a series of week nights.

So the next step was to cook the jam, and can it. should be fairly easy right? I knew I didn’t want pectin in this jam, I was just going to cook it down slowly and make a few small jars of concentrated deliciousness. I put the fruit and sugar mix in a pot on the stove, set it to medium high. This was just to get everything warmed up, I swear I was going to turn it down and let it simmer for awhile. But then I go distracted. I honestly don’t know if it was 20 or 45 minutes later when Neil asked what was on the stove.

The sugar and fruit at the bottom of the pan was starting to blacken, but when I stirred it I realized the rest of the jam had a gorgeous caramel color and a perfect texture.

caramelized apricot jam

So I’m left with 3/4’s of a pint of AMAZING caramelized apricot jam. But I don’t think I can recommend the “forgetting about things on the stove” technique. And I don’t know if I could ever recreate this jam…


6 responses to “caramelized jam

  1. Thanks for the ideas! I am an avid canner!

  2. I also made a caramelized apricot jam last year, although it was less dark than yours — just streaks of caramel rather than a burnt-through taste. It was seriously good.

    I don’t know why, but apricots seem to burn far faster than other fruits.

  3. That looks yummy! My apple-ginger marmalade got a bit caramelized last summer, and it was excellent.

  4. I did this too with Strawberry Jam this weekend! Totally gave the flavor an added dimension. Alas, I used the “forgot about it ” method, too, so can’t suggest an alternate method.

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