Random Monday

I went camping this weekend. It was wonderful! Relaxing, hiking, eating, sitting around the campfire, hanging out with friends, and generally unplugging. I turned my phone off Friday night on our way over and didn’t look at the internet again until Sunday. The great thing about spending two nights out is that I really feel like I had a vacation. The down side is it’s like coming back to the real world after vacation.

Also, I took zero pictures. So we’ll have a random post instead.

1) If you also like camping, the VT Knit Camp is coming right up. Not sure if we still have space but you could contact our organizer and find out.

2) I’m increasingly dreaming of changing in my battered old travel mug for a knitted mason jar cozy and a cuppow. I think this idea is silly and awesome all at the same time.

Obviously it’d be a narrow mouthed cuppow so the jar would still fit in my car’s cup holder.

3) I think my corn will survive! The ears are putting out tassels now. The truth will come out eventuall.

4) I’ve picked almost two bushels of green beans in the last 9 days. I need to find time to blanch and freeze them.

It’s hard to keep up with the garden AND go camping.

5) I knit an entire hat this weekend. No, I can’t show it to you any time soon. Sorry.

6) The little meat birds aren’t so little any more. I need to take more pictures of them.

7) While hiking we met a black lab EVEN MORE CRAZY than Jake. I assumed he was a puppy. But no, like Jake he’s also 6.

That’s 6 years, not 6 months. I suddenly feel better about Jake’s crazy energy levels.

8) This is one of the very few times I wish we had more TV options. Anyone know of a good way to stream the Olympics?

9) Rhinebeck is in 12 weeks. Twitter alerted me. I figure it’s only fair to pass on the information.

10) Don’t forget you could win some buttons this week!

11) I may have just talked myself into buying yarn for a Roam tunic. Because OF COURSE I have time to randomly knit a sweater. Maybe in time for Rhinebeck?

3 responses to “Random Monday

  1. NBC is offering free streaming of everything at http://www.nbcolympics.com, but I guess the question is what do you want to stream it to?

  2. Congratulations on the corn!

  3. Definitely go for the silliness of the cuppow! Love mine AND I’m sure you’d design the raddest cozie ever and then I could steal, ahem, borrow the design!

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