I’m attending a DNA conference here in VT this week. This one is really forward looking, includes lots of presentations on upcoming technology and future research – in short I really love it.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that I get a lot of conference knitting done. But my conference knitting is all secret knitting right now. So instead let me show you another blanket picture:

Baby blanket progress.jpg

I’m still loving this stitch pattern, and the blanket is going really well. Now that it’s big enough to measure I’d say my 10 stitch swatch was a little off (no surprise there) and this blanket is going to be about 44″ wide. The problem here is that it’s only 18″ long so far, and I’m easily two-thirds of the way through my mega-skein of Valley Dream superwash.

I’m gonna have to buy another skein. I’m hoping I can knit this to be about 36″ by 44″. Then I’ll use the last of the second skein to work a little knitted on garter stitch edge.

Hopefully I don’t end up buying a third skein in November…


2 responses to “progress

  1. I agree- the stitch pattern looks totally awesome!

  2. I like the stitch pattern.

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