This and that

This: It’s the start of August, which means it must be time for my monthly check in on the world’s happiest little meat chickens (I did 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month, why break a good pattern?)

2 month birds

They’re still the happiest meat birds, but possibly not so little anymore. They’re about the same size as our squirrely little home grown layers, and almost as big as that brahma in the photo!

hanging out

And they LOVE free ranging. They’re the first birds out of the coop every morning, and hang out by the door, not wanting to go in until full dark.

But as they get big you can tell they’re meat birds. First, they have massive legs to support their weight. Second, they do get a little front heavy as those boneless skinless chicken breasts we all love so much aren’t exactly normal. However these guys still run, jump after insects, eat grass and seed and bugs. It’s just that they need to take frequent breaks.

hanging out 2

That: I picked two button winners from last week’s post! The blue buttons will go to the first number I drew. That is #7 so Jennifer R will get them. The brown ones will go to the second number: 1. And that’s Sarah! Congrats! Check your inbox, I’ll need your addresses.


2 responses to “This and that

  1. Sent my address, thanks so much for the buttons! So nice to see your meat birds enjoying free ranging. Man, they do get funny looking and off balance, don’t they?!

    • I suppose I did already have your address but I wanted to acknowledge that you’d won the buttons anyway!

      The crazy thing about these meat birds is they’re less overbalanced and funny looking than the really fast growing breeds.

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