Strawberry peach jam

I’m doing it again! Making jam over the course of two days that is. I started with leftover strawberries and more of those peach* seconds sitting in my fridge.

I measured 2 cups of sugar. Then I started with the strawberries, cutting them all up. Then I kept adding peaches until I reached 2 cups of juice and fruit. I know that (like tomatoes) you can dip peaches into boiling water quickly to make them easier to peel. I skipped that part because I just wasn’t peeling enough peaches to make it worth while. I cut out the bruises then peeled the peaches (and ate the sweet, juicy peels with the little bits of fruit attached)

strawberry peach jam

Putting the fruit in the bowl of sugar with 1T of lemon juice and some nutmeg I find it hard to believe there will be enough juice to dissolve all that sugar. Then I start to stir, and it becomes obvious it’ll work out.

strawberry peach jam2

I believe I’ll add pectin to these when I bring them to a boil. Cook them up and process them! I’ve seen asparagus steaming pots used to can 2 or 3 little jars, and the more I do these small batch jams the more I want one for myself!

*technically this jam includes 1 peach, 1 white peach, and 1 nectarine.


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