It was 75F when I woke up Saturday morning. I don’t know about anyone else but for me that’s just too hot. I miss the good sleeping weather of early spring*

So what do I have for breakfast when it’s too hot to turn on the stove by the time I wake up?


cold blackberry pancakes with more blackberries, feta, and rose petal jam. I’ve been told that the feta cuts the sweetness of the pink jam, and it’s true. But I’m still looking for the best way to eat this crazy pink stuff…

*earlier than ever this year since it got so hot so early.


4 responses to “75F

  1. 75!! OMG!! Seems fall-like to me!!

    • Heh, so none of you have any pity for me and my 75F morning? Maybe I shouldn’t mention that it’s cooled off and dropped into the low 60’s last night…

  2. Ok, so it was about 85 when I woke up this morning…now that’s too hot.

  3. I’m extremely jealous of your 75F morning! I think it’s been at least 85 by the time I leave for work at 8 am for the last several months. (I eat cold cereal, but your pancakes and berries look a whole lot better!)

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