a few of my favorite things

Just in case you were worried about my ability to sleep (ok, you weren’t, I know) It dropped to 52F last night. This is why most VT houses don’t have AC… And it seems like a good reason to count my blessings, so here are a few of my favorite things – the summer edition!

tall sunflowers
sunflowers taller than me

Hidden jewels

scarlet runner beans
Showy jewels

corn and beans
Corn and beans co-existing

a single plum
A single plum (on the whole tree)

Home grown hops

strawberry peach
Summer jams (strawberry peach, in the jars and NOT caramelized!)

Successful wildflower plantings


4 responses to “a few of my favorite things

  1. Such lovely photos. Hooray for cool nights (and non-caramelized jam!)

  2. So glad the wildflowers are flowering!

  3. HOPS, yum! We tried the 3 sisters thing this year and the beans pummeled the corn! Did you start your corn much earlier?

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