Do you remember the past spring when I was bragging about how many blackberries we were going to have? Well it seems to have worked out exactly as I planned! Muhahahahaha!!!!

Ahem, See?


Yep. I’ve been picking blackberries on and off for two weeks now. A pint here, a pint there. I can pick a pint of blackberries (while eating giant fist-fulls of them) in about 15 minutes. I picked a half pail of them last week and have been tossing them randomly on/in everything that I thought needed some fruit (blackberries in iced tea = VERY good)

Last weekend Neil and I put in a concerted effort:


And in a little more than an hour we had 5.5 POUNDS of blackberries!

And the crazy part is we only picked a third of the plants before giving up (it was hot out there) There are more berries than us PLUS the wildlife can eat. I know this because we have a crazy mixed flock of wild birds in the yard constantly. And there was a lot of deer poop out there as well. And yet, there are over-ripe berries falling off the plants because we’re not eating them fast enough.

Neil going to make a blackberry hefeweizen. I’m going to make seedless blackberry jam (because how often do I have enough berries for THAT?!) And probably more blackberry wine.


5 responses to “blackberries

  1. A blackberry hefeweizen sounds amazing! And I am lusting after your berries, even though they look kind of out of control.

  2. Oh my, what riches! Every time you post about your garden it makes me wish I could stop renting just a room and have a place with a garden…

    • Oh I totally understand your plight! I rented for years and always struggled with how to garden. I grew sunflowers and bush beans in containers. I secretly planted bulbs around the foundations of the buildings every fall so I could have cheerful crocuses in the spring (ok, so they were all 1 or 2 unit buildings)

      These days there are a lot of towns with community gardens in VT, maybe there’s something available where you are?

  3. ahem {insert quiet attention-getting throat noise}. . . I love blackberries

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