knitting camp

I go to Knitting Camp this weekend!!

It’s supposed to rain. A lot.

But it’ll be ok. This is our forth year and the first with a threat of serious rain. Given that we pick these weekends every year in the spring that’s a pretty good run. And while the photos of previous years don’t show it, there are lean-tos. So we’ll be able to keep out of the rain.

I’m bringing extra tea. I think knitting in a lean-to, looking out at the rain in the forest, with a cup of tea, and some good friends sounds pretty nice.

And I’m mostly taking a break from designs this weekend. This is another thing I’ve done in the past. It’s kinda nice to take a whole weekend and work on other people’s designs. The big projects for this weekend will be my sister’s baby blanket (assuming the extra yarn arrives) and my Roam tunic:


This is from the fall Interweave Knits, designed by my friend Amy of Savory Knitting. It’s beautiful, I love it exactly the way it is (and yet, as always, I’m changing a few things) Mainly, the gauge. I’m using Bartlett, and aran weight yarn. I’ll tell you more about it soon. I suspect I’ll have a lot of progress to show after this weekend.


3 responses to “knitting camp

  1. How fun and exciting, enjoy your time!

  2. Roam is gorgeous. I’m thinking I’ll knit it too.

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