Knitting camp round up

Knitting camp was every bit as awesome as I expected. It barely even rained! There was a bit of a sprinkle friday night and an actual rain shower saturday night. I hear the people who arrived friday afternoon got pretty wet, but most of the time was dry, and sunday/monday were sunny and gorgeous! There was plenty of camping to go around:

camping mosaic
1. kettle pond, 2. fairy houses, 3. rocky shore, 4. cooking fire

Kettle Pond is a gorgeous location. The camp sites are little glens in the deep, thickness of Groton state forest, and Kettle pond is a jeweled opening in the woods.

And of course there was even more knitting:

crafting mosaic
1. knitting basket, 2. white knitting, 3. red crochet, 4. gray cables

I should say “crafting” because along with the knitting we had some crocheting and a girl who makes nifty bags and wallets and roses out of the prettiest duct tape you’ve ever seen (one of them was paisley patterned!)

Several husbands and families came to knit-camp this year and that was wonderful too! They were all very helpful and had fun exploring the woods, and didn’t detract from the knitting retreat at all. Having camp run for 3 days means us knitters can go for a hike, a swim, maybe paddle around the pond in a boat and not feel like we’re running out of knitting time either.

I got quite a bit of knitting done, although I didn’t finish ANY of the projects I brought along. Roam has a completed back piece, the baby blanket is half-finished, and I’m almost done with a new sock design. More details to come later I promise.

If you think knitting camp sounds like fun, check out the web site, there’s also a yahoo group where the dates and sign-up process are announced every year. I’d love to meet new friends next year!


6 responses to “Knitting camp round up

  1. Sounds wonderful! I’ve been to a couple of dying, spinning and/or weaving camps but never a knitting one!

  2. That sounds so lovely! I wish I were closer so I could come next year… but it’s quite a trek from TN :/ Although by August of next year I may not (and probably will not!) be in TN anymore… so who knows?

  3. Sounds like an awesome time! And what a gorgeous setting!!

  4. That sounds like great fun! :)

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