blackberry jam

It took over a pound of blackberries, but I did it! I made seedless* blackberry jam! Smoked cardamom blackberry jam to be exact. I broke out the Squeezo for this process. I love my squeezo** for processing tomatoes and back when my mom gave me hers she included the fine-mesh screen for berry seeds – which I’ve never used before now.

squeezo screens

There is a coarse screen too, for chunky things like squash and apples… Just like with tomatoes it worked like a charm. The fruit goes down into the corkscrew and out comes the juice and pulp

blackberry stuff

While the seeds are pressed out the far end

blackberry seeds

The waste is pure seed, no juice and no flesh. Processing 3 cups of berries gave me 2.5 cups of berry goodness and half a cup of seeds! All this, plus a half cup of whole berries went into the jam pot along with 3C of sugar and half a tablespoon of smoked cardamom.

smoked cardamom

I picked this up on a whim as part of a Penzey’s order. It’s way more intense than regular cardamom and so I’ve been struggling with the best ways to use it. Blackberry jam is so rich, sweet, and strong that it really balances well with the intensity of the smoked cardamom.

Oh! And I have to show you an awesome internet toy I’ve been using. It’s a pectin estimator on the Ball website. You just tell it what kind of fruit, choose jam or jelly, and what sort of pectin you have on hand, and the calculator spits out the list of ingredients! You still have to know how to make jam (aka, what order to mix and cook the ingredients) And it always starts with 1 and 1/3 C of fruit, which is never what I’m using. So I end up doing some math. But since I got my pectin in bulk (from the Mennonite store nearby) I’m grateful for such an easy way to figure out how much to add.

blackberry jam

And this jam is gorgeous, deep, rich purple. I’m very pleased. I think the only fruit I’m still missing from my summer is blueberries. I don’t know how much longer the pick-your-own places will be running either…

*Ok, so I went through all the work of taking the seeds out, and then added a handful of blackberries with the seeds back in. Call me crazy, but I wanted just enough seeds to be able to tell it was real.

**I am in no way affiliated with Squeezo, I just love them.


2 responses to “blackberry jam

  1. When I was little, I used to love to eat the seedy ribbons of fruit paste that come out the side of the squeezo. I thought it was like crunchy fruit roll up. Yum.

  2. I’m posting this to my jam-making sister! I bet she’d love a Squeezo. Hello, Christmas…

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