long time coming

I published a new design today, my Nymphaea shawl. This little shawl is worked from the top down. Designed specifically for self striping yarns the pattern directs you to work an eyelet row whenever the colorway changes.

nymphaea zoomed

Each shawl made from this pattern will be unique, and will perfectly match the colorways in the yarn! You can favorite and queue it on Ravelry here.

nymphaea tip

This pattern has been waiting in the wings for a looong time. Crystal Palace sent me the Sausalito yarn back when it was first released. That was 2010. I know, I know, I said it was a long time!

I knit the shawl up quickly enough, and then I thought it might be different enough for Knitty. Sadly Amy Singer couldn’t find space for it (although it was held for consideration twice!)

nymphaea arc

By then I’d moved on to other projects. I knew I wanted to release it in summer, and last summer I was kinda busy with my e-book of fingerless mitts. So the poor little shawl just kept waiting.

nymphaea gaze

This summer I knew it was time! But when my editor saw the PDF she kindly informed me that my photography had improved so much I probably shouldn’t use the original photos*. I had kept the shawl over the back of my favorite chair, where I can pull it over my shoulders any time I feel a bit cold. Before I could take any new pictures I had to wash and re-block the shawl.

nymphaea looped

Once it was washed I remembered how much I love this pattern! Nothing like a bath to spruce up a bit of knitting. Neil and I took it to nearby Metcalf pond and got some pretty new photos and I’m really excited to share this shawl with all of you!

nymphaea artsy

Nymphaea is a really simple shawl to knit up. I loved working on it when I needed a break from patterns that were draining my brain power. This small shawl uses 3 skeins of Sausalito, and you could knit a full sized shawl with 4 skeins.

*it’s a good problem to have


2 responses to “long time coming

  1. It’s lovely! And the photos are so gorgeous.

  2. The photoshoot was a brilliant idea! Love the shawl…

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