Saturday I was volunteering at the library when I was hit with a design idea like it was a ray of light beaming down out of the sky.

Saturday afternoon I may have been writing one pattern, but I kept getting side-tracked by the new a-line sweater I wanted to be knitting. Not, mind you, that I have TIME to for another SWEATER design. I’ve got designs planned as far out as December 2013! No, that’s not a typo, that’s more than a year from now.

But you know what? I’m pretty much on track for all of those. In fact, I’m waiting for yarn at the moment. So would it hurt if maybe I just swatched a little? I could use something from the deep stash for a change, right?

Saturday night I was swatching, and rolling skeins into balls of yarn.

Sunday morning I awoke early. I couldn’t get back to sleep because my brain wanted that new sweater NOW.*


By 7:30 Sunday night I’d knit 13 inches of a sweater body. Yup. And it’s not like I shirked on my other duties! I went to church, walked the dogs, ran a load of laundry, swept the WHOLE upstairs of the house, AND cleaned the kitchen. I even went canoeing with Neil. That part really doesn’t count though, because by “canoeing” I mean he paddled and I knit. In fact I knit in every available moment. I knit while water boiled for dinner. I knit in the car to the lake. I knit and knit and knit.

And I’m going to go knit some more right now.

*My current pie-in-the-sky goal is to have the pattern done by October. I can think of about a dozen GOOD things that could happen to stop that, nevermind the problems that could come up…

9 responses to “Whoops

  1. Great post. It is important to follow your creative energy. Congrats.

  2. I’m intrigued- that border looks cool!

  3. It looks great! I love those ideas that just hit you out of nowhere, and it’s nice when other obligations don’t get in the way!

    Also, knitting in a canoe sounds just about perfect.

  4. I love that you were hit by an idea like a ray of light. Your enthusiasm is so infectious.

  5. Good busy, tho… right? :) Sometimes those daggone designs will just NOT SHUT UP. Glad you were able to get that one on the needles so you could get some peace and quiet from it.

    • That’s exactly right, I need to cast on or it won’t stop pestering me. Like a dog that wants a walk, or a cat stuck behind a wood pile (she’s not very bright)

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